Value Drops for 07/11/2018

CAPTURED - domain has been captured by one of the backordering services. Mouse over on "CAPTURED" to see the new registrar.

DROPPED   - domain has been dropped and is now available for hand registration to anyone. You can use the godaddy coupon link next to it, to quickly register the dropped domain and also support the site.

PENDING - domain is pending to be dropped / deleted unless a backordering service captures it.

MONITOR - When you monitor a domain, system will email you as soon as it’s available for hand registration. Note: all paid members have this feature and other members may also be monitoring the same domain. If you want a domain, be sure to act fast when you get this notification email.

SCORE - the score is system calculated number. The higher the score, the better. Value Drops uses several factors to calculate the score which we can not disclose. However, score is still system calculated which is not necessarily correct all the time. It is used to quickly identify top domains in the drop list.